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Servmix vs Hostinger: Which One Is The Best?

In the web hosting industry. There are many big companies are competing for earning customers’ trust.

Here, we will illustrate the most important features between Servmix and Hostinger.

Also after this article you will know why customers likes Servmix and its web hosting solutions.


Both of Servmix and Hostinger are providing multiple types of webhosting (Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Cloud Hosting).

Both companies are providing many features included with the webhosting plans.

However, Servmix is characterized by extra advantages like:

  • The Cloud infrastructure which is powered by VMware. This grants the hosted websites on our servers better resources allocations and more stability.
  • Servmix provides more resources (Storage, Bandwidth, CPU, RAM,..etc) more than Hostinger.
  • We’re providing a Free domain with all the plans (based on the billing term).
  • The WordPress hosting is super fast due to LiteSpeed webserver and tens of special setup of our WordPress servers.
  • We’re licensing more than 15 premium plugins (crocoblock) for Free to our WordPress hosting customers.
  • Servmix provides by default the most famous control panel cPanel with all the plans.
  • Servmix offers a free site migration service from another web host, just let the team does this on behalf of you.
  • Servmix follows the highest standards in terms of the performance and the security for our clients and their data.

Cloud Servers

Hostinger provides VPS (Virtual Private Servers) while Servmix provides (Cloud Servers). both of them are common in terms of the definition but completely different in terms of the technology, where:

  • Hostinger uses traditional virtualization system (called OpenVZ) which shares the servers resources (CPU, RAM and Storage) between the virtual machines, hence any over usage in the resources consumption in any of the other VMs  on the same server might impact negatively your machine.
  • Servmix uses enterprise virtualization system (VMWare) that provides trusted performance to all the use cases, beside to it allocates the resources (CPU, RAM) dedicatedly. thus, your server is completely isolated and won’t get impacted by any external affects.
  • Servmix owns a cloud infrastructure, thus your server is safe from hardware failures. We are also providing redundant Cloud SSD storage to ensure that your data is safe from loss.
  • Hostinger doesn’t provide Windows OS while Servmix does.
  • Servmix provides a full list of control options inside the client area for managing the server including (Start, Reboot, Shutdown, Re-install, Restore), in addition the most unique feature (Web SSH Console) for Linux Cloud Servers and (Web Desktop) for Windows Cloud Servers.
  • Servmix provides multiple plans families in order to meet the different use cases.


Both of Servmix and Hostinger are providing a free backup for all the hosted websites, but:

  • Hostinger is only providing weekly backup for all plans and daily backup to limited plans.
  • Hostinger takes the backups on-site (Internally) but offsite the storage.
  • Servmix provides daily and weekly backup for all webhosting plans.
  • Servmix takes the backup internally and externally (in a different geographical datacenter) through Servmix Cloud Backup service.
  • Servmix uses a premium data security solutions due to its partnership with Acronis.

Speed and Uptime

Servmix and Hostinger guarantee maximum uptime up to 99.9%. However, what makes Servmix special:

  • Servmix uses brand new servers.
  • All servers are connected with 1Gbps internet connection.
  • The cloud infrastructure protects your website or your server from hardware’s failures and minimizes/eliminates the possibility of unexpected incidents, thus your website is always online.

Money-back Guarantee

Servmix provides 14-day money-back guarantee.


Servmix and Hostinger are providing 24/7/365 support, however:

  • Servmix has a friendly support team that is always available to provide unlimited help.
  • The support team speaks multiple languages (Arabic and English).
  • Servmix has a diversity of of the support team members in order to cover all possible support aspects whether for servers, development, design,..etc.

Despite close competition in the performance between Servmix and Hostinger, this comparison should make you clear why we think Servmix in overall is better and wins.


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